Health And Wellbeing Consultancy

A growing volume of research demonstrates the value in strategies that deliver healthy buildings and businesses.

With staff salaries and benefits typically accounting for 90 percent of business operating costs, organizations are keen to do what they can to cultivate restorative environments.

With innovative technologies transforming how people track health and building performance, individuals are empowered with the data to demand better environments. A duty of care is falling to building owners, designers and operators to deliver these environments. The challenge lies in extending the breadth of wellbeing initiatives into the totality of the built environment and occupant experience.

Our environments impact not only our physical health, but also our mental state and emotions: our spaces need to support tasks at hand, reinforce company values and brand, and facilitate healthier behaviours, ensuring that those that are best for us are embedded in the built environment.

Arup is uniquely placed to deliver a range of services that can deliver improved health and wellbeing. Health & Wellbeing cuts across many of our services and are identified below:

  • WELL Certification Consultancy

  • WELL Gap Analysis

  • WELL Design & Construction support

  • WELL Commissioning/Audit

  • WELL Commercial, Residential, Education

  • Occupational/Behavioural Psychology Strategies

  • Post Occupancy Evaluation & Building Performance Analysis’s (Building User Surveys)

  • Ventilation and IAQ guidance

  • Acoustic Performance

  • Circadian Lighting solutions

  • Landscaping & Biophilic Design

  • Living Workplace & Change Management

  • Healthy Materials Specification

  • Bespoke Health & Wellbeing Strategies

  • Commercial, Residential, Healthcare, Education, Science & Industry

  • Building, Campus, Master Plan, City Level

Health And Wellbeing Consultancy