Transform and reuse

Transform & Reuse: Low Carbon Futures for Existing Buildings

As the world’s population grows, demand for homes and amenities will soar. Another 2.5 billion people will be living in urban areas by 2050, putting immense pressure on resources and infrastructure.

With the built environment responsible for almost 40% of energy-related carbon emissions globally and given that up to 87% of today's buildings in the UK will still be occupied in 2050, we must find new ways to design and construct our cities, prioritising adaptive reuse, regeneration and performance upgrading of our existing stock.

Our Transform and Reuse brochure challenges perceptions, illustrating that second hand doesn’t necessarily mean second best. Our projects prove that refurbished buildings are some of the most exciting and dynamic buildings in the built environment, often offering greater commercial and social returns whilst driving down embodied carbon.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking

Transform & Reuse: Low Carbon Futures for Existing Buildings

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