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Circadian Lighting: definition and strategy

This document defines circadian lighting as a strategy, not an off-the-shelf solution. In it we describe how this strategy can be applied to workplace lighting, and how a similar approach can be adopted for other types of buildings.

It is acknowledged that light has a significant impact on our physiological condition and wellbeing. However, only recently have biological and medical researchers started to understand the impact of light on people. This new understanding, coupled with advances in lighting technology, has created great interest amongst lighting professionals as to how light can impact users of the environments which we design.

The lighting industry is now full of new terms such as “human-centric lighting,” “biophilic lighting,” and “circadian lighting.” These new terms and knowledge from research have created substantial debate across the industry. This debate is ongoing, and agreement is not universal. Two key areas of discussion are:

  1. How designers can embrace this knowledge within the design process; and

  2. What precise non-visual impact light has on people.

Circadian Lighting: definition and strategy