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Water for People

Cities Alive: Water for People

Change is all around us. Climate change, population growth, urbanisation and resource depletion are the major global challenges facing humankind, and these issues are all most prevalent in our cities. With one in four large cities facing water stress, and water demand projected to increase by 55% by 2050, city leaders and developers must act now to meet future needs.

Cities Alive: Water for People presents an economic pathway of addressing the challenges of population growth and climate change in our cities.  To move towards a more sustainable future, it is critical that cities adapt in order to address these contemporary challenges.

The report explores pioneering water approaches in cities around the world.  It promotes five key principles that look to reconnect people with the water cycle, and reconnect cities with their basins to deliver resilience and create healthier city environments that will help drive social and economic success.

Watch the supporting animation below to find out more about the Water for People report:

CITIES ALIVE Water for people from Arup Visual Communications on Vimeo.

Cities Alive: Water for People

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