Climate Action in Megacities (CAM 3.0)

Climate Action in Megacities (CAM 3.0) looks at how the world’s greatest cities are forging a pathway to low carbon and climate resilient development, recognising climate risks and taking more action on climate adaptation, as well as mitigation.

It provides a compelling message that cities are working together to tackle climate change, and they are ready to work with other actors – including nations and the private sector to tackle this global challenge.

Arup worked with C40 through our strategic partnership to deliver this flagship research publication, providing definitive proof that action by city leaders can make a significant difference to achieving a climate safe world.

CAM 3.0 compiles and analyses data provided by 66 C40 cities in 2015, combined with previous data collected from cities in 2011 and 2013. The full database now includes nearly 10,000 climate actions taken by C40 cities during the past 5 years. Representing the largest and most long-term record of city climate action globally, CAM 3.0:

  • analyses climate action trends since 2011

  • highlights the critical role of networking and collaboration in cultivating city climate action

  • synthesises new data collected in 2015 on the costs of city climate action and the ways in which this action is being funded

  • provides an evidence base to encourage more investment in city climate action from the private sector and other investors

  • investigates the direct benefits of city climate action, focusing on greenhouse gas emissions reductions

  • highlights cities’ acknowledgement of increasing climate change risks, and their commitment to adaptation as well as mitigation

Visit the CAM microsite for a more interactive overview of the findings in the report.

The research is supported by the City Leadership Initiative at University College London (UCL).

Climate Action in Megacities (CAM 3.0)