Copenhagen - Solutions for Sustainable Cities

Copenhagen shows cities how to drive economic development while enhancing the environment and quality of life for residents.

Arup is working with cities to pioneer thinking and technology that will fuel their evolution into smarter, cleaner and healthier places – the latest is Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is one of the world’s leading cities for driving innovative green growth. The city is determined to drive economic development at the same time as it enhances the environment and quality of life for its residents.

As such, it turned to Arup to help refine some of these ideas and export its sustainability solutions to other cities around the world.

Working with the Copenhagen City authorities, Arup has developed a report that highlights the progress and potential in ‘Copenhagen: Solutions for Sustainable Cities’.

The study includes reports on how the city is cleaning up the city’s ports and providing recreational swimming in harbour baths, coping with escalating demand for water, creating sustainable, integrated transport networks and tackling challenges around waste, energy and heating.

Copenhagen provides a roadmap for other cities to follow in the journey to a low carbon future.

Copenhagen - Solutions for Sustainable Cities