Drivers of Change App

The Drivers of Change app features a collection of over 250 emerging trends, innovations and questions that are shaping our future, from climate change and urbanisation to energy and food. With its visually-led interface, this unique digital platform helps users explore and engage with the issues shaping the future of the built environment.

Constantly updated and informed by Arup’s international network, the Drivers of Change app allows users to:

  • Discover globally significant and locally relevant trends shaping the future

  • Stay informed about the issues affecting both the man-made and natural environment

  • Explore supporting media including images, infographics, illustrations and audio

  • Curate a user-defined collection of featured ideas and innovations

  • Share and discuss on social networks

The Drivers of Change app is informed by a rigorous process of interviews, research, workshops and analysis alongside input from Arup’s global network and broad spectrum of experts. Topics are brought to life through provocative questions, photography, written summaries and relevant data. Links to additional content and trusted sources support further exploration of the issues featured.

The Drivers are split across ten topics: convergence, energy, demographics, poverty, oceans, water, waste, food, climate change and urbanisation, and further grouped into one of five STEEP lenses: Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental and Political. This broad outlook helps organisations and individuals anticipate and understand global challenges in order to shape a better world.

    About Drivers of Change

    Drivers of Change communicates research, trends and questions about the future. It was conceived by Arup in the early 2000s to explore the changing contexts of our world, and embodies a global and multi-disciplinary perspective.

    Since its inception, Arup has identified more than 250 ‘drivers’ or topics that prompt change, with input from a wide variety of stakeholders. The Drivers of Change app builds on the success of the existing printed card sets, used in countless workshops, design projects and innovation processes.

    A staged, comprehensive refresh of the cards ensures that the questions, topics and facts used continue to reflect the changing world around us. This review is part of Arup’s enduring commitment to enable research, exploration and tools to understand and shape the future of the built environment and society at large.

    Drivers of Change App