Hydrogen Sheffield

Establishing a regional hydrogen economy

The establishment of a strong hydrogen economy nationally and locally is a very real opportunity and one that is rapidly becoming within reach. 

This report presents a vision for the role that hydrogen could play specifically in South Yorkshire, (UK) to help meet carbon reduction targets and contribute to the health and economic prosperity of the region. 

It also highlights five themes as levers of growth, and explores potential actions and collaborations, as well as a list of ambitions for future hydrogen projects.
Hydrogen can be used in transport, industry and heating. Synergies need exploring for example the by-product of oxygen from hydrogen production can be used by industry. Aggregating opportunities is important in developing a hydrogen economy. 

The report concludes with a call to action to build momentum for the South Yorkshire hydrogen economy and accelerate the drive to net zero emissions, particularly in the most challenging sectors.

This South Yorkshire specific report supports our global thought piece Establishing a Hydrogen Economy: The future of energy 2035