Foresight: Living Workplace

What will tomorrow’s workforce look like and what will it want?

The workforce of the future is propelled by three drivers: demographics, trends in education, and changes in lifestyles. Over the coming decades the global workforce will be characterised by a higher proportion of women, more workers from emerging economies, and a greater diversity of generations, cultures, and family patterns.

The Living Workplace report offers opportunities that reflect the future needs of an organisation, the employees that will occupy a space, and the type of interactions that will take place. This report summarises some of the key drivers shaping future workplaces, providing examples of workplace environments that are leading the way in innovative design practices.

Living Workplace was developed with input from across Arup’s relevant businesses, including significant contribution from the Business Systems team.

Key insights from the publication include:

  • The workforce of tomorrow will include diverse personalities and cultures

  • A combination of physical and virtual opportunities will be necessary to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce

  • Corporate culture will be required to evolve to include greater social responsibility, sustainability, and value pluralism to gain the most from employees with a greater variance in skill sets and prior experiences

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