Future Cities UK capabilities for urban innovation

Future Cities: UK capabilities for urban innovation

Cities are at the forefront in responding to global challenges of resource scarcity, climate change, unemployment, and ageing populations – and with these challenges come major new business and innovation opportunities.

This report, produced by the Future Cities Catapult and Arup, sets out the UK’s strengths in the global market for urban solutions. These strengths include the UK’s heritage in urban planning and reinvention, its commercial expertise in managing large scale urban projects, its diverse creative services, combined with its fast growing digital expertise and development of world leading standards for urban design and open data, among other areas.

  • Defines the challenges and opportunities that are driving global demand for integrated urban solutions and the adoption of a ‘city systems approach’. 

  • Documents the wide range of UK capabilities relevant to development of the world’s future cities, including spatial, physical, digital, commercial and social capabilities. 

  • Highlights innovative products and services developed by different actors in the UK ecosystem, which includes businesses, universities, national and city governments, and civic organisations.

Future Cities: UK capabilities for urban innovation