Future Mobility Hubs

Future mobility hubs

As the transport sector strives to decarbonise, it is essential to rethink how we integrate public transport services with walking, cycling, and micromobility to make it easier for people to travel seamlessly.

Mobility hubs are places where people can switch from one mode of transport to another, with convenient facilities designed for a low-carbon society. They form a network of structures that cluster together a full suite of complementary transport modes to enable sustainable journeys.

Concentrating mobility throughout urban, suburban and rural areas also unlocks other opportunities, whether they are localised public realm enhancements, commercial uses or community provision.

The purpose of this document is to share Arup and Go-Ahead’s vision for how Future Mobility Hubs can be developed for different contexts across the UK. Through illustrations, we outline key design principles which explore scalability, adaptability and potential uses.

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