Us future of energy storage

Future of Energy Storage

The proliferation of low-cost and low-carbon renewable energy, as well as the availability of a wide range of energy storage technologies, is precipitating a fundamental shift in the energy sector. Where electricity was once generated on-demand, renewable energy is generated as the sun shines or wind blows. This intermittency and lack of direct control has required a re-thinking of how our energy networks operate.

Written as if it were the mid-2030s, Future of Energy Storage summarizes how energy storage has played a key role in the energy transition that has taken place over the s last 15-20 years. A diverse range of distributed energy resources have become more ubiquitous, and energy storage technologies such as thermal energy storage and battery energy storage have all matured while costs have significantly reduced.

Arup worked with its energy specialists across the United States and Canada to examine the role energy storage will play in the coming decades and to outline the key strategies for implementing storage across a range of market sectors.

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