Global Water Annual Review 2015

To date, 194 million people around the world have benefited from Arup’s involvement across the water cycle during 2014-15.

We embrace our role in influencing positive solutions to global water issues and take very seriously our opportunities to improve the lives of those we come in contact with.

Our aim is to shape a better world for over 500 million in the next ten years.

This year has seen the evolution of our global water business with increased focus on how we work across the water cycle. Our Design with Water concept is gaining momentum and our foresight work on the Future of Urban Water has broken new ground. We are increasingly challenging pre-conceived norms to gain a better understanding of how we engage with and value water.

We have also seen the significant impact of major projects around the world eg tunnels, dams, water supply, wastewater and flood issues. We have an increasingly important role to play in these given their role providing solutions to some of the global issues identified.

We share our activities and insights for 2014/15 as an interactive PDF download.

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Global Water Annual Review 2015