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Modern methods of construction

How Modern Methods of Construction can deliver more through the planning system

Solving the housing crisis

Modern methods of construction (MMC) – also known as modular, off and on-site manufacturing, volumetric housing manufacture, or design for manufacture and assembly – offers the opportunity to rethink how we conceptualise, design and build much-needed housing. They can speed up the process, make challenging sites viable, and provide varied and adaptable homes that respond to local character and needs. 

Although MMC has tantalised the industry for decades, currently less than 10% of housing in the UK is built this way – even though we need to build millions more homes in the coming years. Why? While research to date has focused mainly on the financial and technical barriers, Arup has found evidence that the planning system is considered too rigid and unaccommodating for MMC. 

Read about the opportunities, actions and benefits that would help local planning authorities and other users of the planning system initiate an MMC revolution.

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