Mobility as a Service research cover page

Mobility-as-a-Service: The value proposition for the public and our urban systems

We explore the evolution of mobility-as-a-service, or MaaS: how it is redefining our conceptions of vehicular mobility and how we navigate around our cities and fulfil our life’s work.

MaaS is a manifestation of new thinking around how transportation services are currently provided and used. MaaS is intended to improve the efficacy of and access to urban mobility through new services and online platforms. Many cities around the world have been exploring how to best deploy MaaS networks to optimize benefits for providers and users.

In this paper we set a virtuous target for mobility ecosystems: the preservation and enhancement of public-mobility services, available to meet the needs of all segments of society at modest prices. The private sector can add mobility choices to the market  sometimes in partnership with the public – to help this target be attained; however, a net result that includes increased inequities or deprivation should not be accepted as a product of progress.

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