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Madrid + Natural

“Madrid + Natural” consist on a series of guidelines to tackle the global concern of climate change through multiple local solutions.

The work is part of a collaborative assessment to the local City Hall and includes ideas for greening buildings, infrastructures and open spaces in the city of Madrid.

This forward-thinking report provides multiple nature based solutions to regulate Madrid’s urban environment and respond to problems like pollution, heavy storm events increase, draught, periods of abnormally hot temperatures or local biodiversity loss.

As cities face increasing population density and shortage of space at ground level, Madrid + Natural highlights the importance of green urban infrastructure as a way to protect buildings from thermal fluctuations and extreme weather.

In a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of this city, the report also suggests greening of existing infrastructure like transport links, empty spaces, bridges or obsolete infrastructure as a way to provide natural habitats for wildlife and spaces for human enjoyment.

Madrid + Natural also highlights the importance of retrofitting unused social infrastructure to reinvigorate neighbourhoods and improve wellbeing.