Perspective input into the World Energy Council Scenarios: "Innovating Urban Energy"

Arup analyses the impact of key urban drivers on different energy scenarios and recommends key innovations.

Our paper for the World Energy Council assesses the concept of urban energy and how innovation paired with smart technology can be one factor of many to improve the energy in cities.

More than half of the global population now lives in a city - cities account to over half of global energy consumption and. However, new solutions and opportunities are emerging which can enable cities – and energy actors in cities – to address these challenges in new and potentially more effective ways.

This paper has been prepared for the World Energy Council to provide both insight and creative input to World Energy Scenarios 2016 - The Grand Transition, a flagship report which launched at the 2016 World Energy Congress in Istanbul. Arup explores a selection of emerging and potential innovations for urban energy:

  • Transactive energy

  • City action networks

  • Integrated energy planning

  • Hydrogen economy

  • Financing energy action

We explore how integrated solutions are needed to deliver change in how and how much cities use energy, the innovations we survey are not all about technology: although technological change is an enabler for each, the core innovations span matters of governance, market, finance and society.