The Future of Water Report - the Australian Context

Australian’s physical and mental wellbeing relies on water – two-thirds of our survey respondents agree. 

Water is our greatest resource. Extreme weather, population growth, and increasing competition for water resources means sustainable water management is now more important than ever.

The Australian Water Association (AWA), in partnership with Arup, has produced the Future of Water Report – the Australian Context from data collected from a 2022 survey distributed across Australia. The report aims to provide a national perspective on the water sources and use emerging challenges, trends and opportunities communities face.

The survey captured over 750 responses, highlighting how individuals and communities across Australia value and interact with water and key priorities for future water management at both a local and national level. Responses received were from a diverse range of geographies, industries and demographics.

You’ll find interesting results and insights from the survey, and you may be unsurprised to find people are concerned about the future of water in this country. 

Climate change, drought and natural disasters were identified as our greatest common challenge, followed closely by planning and governance issues. Climate awareness was the most important societal trend affecting sustainable water management across all age brackets and geographical localities.

What makes The Future of Water Report particularly valuable is a user-friendly data visualisation tool developed to allowing interested parties to delve into various sub-sets of respondent data based on age, geographical location and other metrics. 

The Future of Water Report – the Australian Context