The Future of Energy: 2035

Set in 2035 and based around a vision of the future energy system, this study sets out the practical steps needed to achieve this vision.

The next few decades are expected to be among the most transformative the energy sector has ever seen and the energy industry is at the forefront of this process; investing billions to ensure the system is fit for the future. By 2035 Arup envisages a world with a much more diverse range of heating sources, with significantly lower emissions, and where all new vehicles are electric.

This perspective, supported by EnergyUK has been written as if it were the mid-2030s, summarising the energy transition that has occurred over the previous 20 years and the decisions from 2018 onwards that made it possible. The supporting supplement document The Road from 2018 to 2035: Business Models details potential models which will enable the energy market to change to achieve a sustainable energy system.

The Future of Energy: 2035

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