The Potential for Exporting Hydrogen from the UK to Continental Europe report cover

The Potential for Exporting Hydrogen from the UK to Continental Europe

The UK is a leader in the development of low-carbon hydrogen production infrastructure. Stimulating low-carbon hydrogen production has the potential to support decarbonisation, enhance the UK’s energy security and support economic growth.

Projected demand for low-carbon hydrogen in the UK under the net zero 2050 emissions scenarios is significant. A strong pipeline of low carbon hydrogen projects has been identified to meet this demand, which has encouraged policy makers and industry to consider the potential of connecting future UK hydrogen infrastructure with continental Europe.

The UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) commissioned Arup to deliver a study considering the strategic, technical, and economic factors of different transportation methods for hydrogen export from the UK to continental Europe. This includes:

  1. Setting out the UK opportunity with regards to hydrogen export.

  2. A pre-feasibility assessment of potential export routes for hydrogen from the UK, considering pipeline and non-pipeline transportation methods.

  3. A UK-specific levelised cost of transport (LCOT) model.

The study provides an overview of the perceived benefits and limitations of potential export routes, a UK-specific LCOT to outline the advantages and disadvantages for hydrogen export to continental Europe, and strategic recommendations to support policy makers and industry considering the potential development of hydrogen export routes from the UK.