The Resilience Index for Pacific Island Nations

Arup has taken the first step towards developing a resilience index to focus action and support to improve resilience of low lying Pacific Island Nations to sea level rise.

The climate is changing around the world, although not at the same rate. For example sea level rise in areas of the Pacific Ocean is currently four times the global average. Many atolls, homes to thousands, are less than 5m above sea level. A changing climate will have a significant impact on the local communities, affecting their physical environment, customs and culture.

In undertaking the detailed work of producing the index we have been able to understand vulnerability at a high level and the value of this is to help to increase the resilience of the Pacific Island Nations. 

The report provides some insights to the challenges and the complexity of the issues the communities are facing as well as making recommendations for further, more focused research.
Initial review has suggested there are a range of different appropriate responses from hard and soft protection through to relocation.

‘As we see increasing weather changes affecting our oceans and waterways it becomes an increasing priority to consider resilient, long term strategies for protecting important global communities at greatest risk.’

– Mark Fletcher


The Resilience Index for Pacific Island Nations