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Urban rewilding

Urban Rewilding: the value and co-benefits of nature in urban spaces

Transformational change in urban areas is crucial to reversing biodiversity loss and tackling climate change. Cities are increasingly experiencing ecological degradation, often made worse by the effects of climate change with rising temperatures and more extreme weather. It is widely agreed that the biodiversity and climate crises are inseparable and must be solved together.  

This report from Arup and C40 Cities defines urban rewilding as restoring natural habitats and their processes in urban spaces, working towards a state of human-nature coexistence. Both large scale and targeted urban rewilding projects are key to fighting biodiversity loss and mitigating the impacts of climate change while promoting human health and well-being.  

Using inspiring examples from around the world, the report provides clarity on when and how urban rewilding projects can be implemented and how they can support city goals linked to environmental improvement and climate resilience.