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Reshaping business strategy for the post COVID-19 world

As coronavirus impacts countries, communities, and individuals it is teaching us important lessons about the value of prediction, action, and collaboration. As businesses face unprecedented levels of uncertainty, they are discovering new ways to lead, build resilience, and develop stronger predictive skills.

We spend a lot of time thinking about the future shape of organisations and how they operate. Our recent 'Beyond the curve’ webinar was a chance to discuss the best ways to reshape business strategies for the post COVID-19 world.

In the panel discussion, our speakers explore how businesses can become more sustainable now, and which ‘known unknowns’ should shake our thinking for the mid- and longer term.

William Bruce

William introduced methodologies that help businesses assess and more accurately predict their risk profiles.

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Christopher Graham

Christopher spoke about how businesses need to rethink the purpose, application and the breadth of traditional business continuity plans in order to incorporate longer term recovery. 

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Jacky Chan

Jacky shared how we can use technology for increased flexibility, connectivity, insights and resilience during the current crisis.

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Panel discussion

In the closing panel discussion, the speakers discussed some of the most urgent actions businesses must do to ensure sustainability for the foreseeable future.

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