200 George Street; 200 George Street;

The EY Centre, 200 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales

Australia’s first use of a closed cavity façade and combination of timber blinds

The EY Centre at 200 George Street is a brand new office precinct which features Australia’s first closed-cavity façade (using mfree-S ccf designed by Permasteelisa Group), and a world’s first combination of that system with timber blinds. The result is a distinctive wooden tower which features as a prominent landmark within the city skyline.

While the tower’s aesthetic is outwardly noticeable, it conveys a deeper message about the EY Centre and its aspirations. The highly innovative and yet natural aesthetic of the façade is an outward expression of the building’s focus on technology and sustainability.

Arup contributed the environmentally sustainable design to the EY Centre; alongside mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, building services and fire engineering; vertical transportation and lighting design. Arup also provided building physics analysis and was involved in the early concept work which provided the inspiration for the close cavity façade solution.

Project Summary

6 StarGreen Star design rating

Over 300bicycle spaces

Interior view of the building. Credit: Alexander Mayes photography Interior view of the building. Credit: Alexander Mayes photography
200 George Street possesses a world’s first combination of closed cavity façade and timber blinds

Innovation in sustainability

As one of the first ‘Smart Buildings’ in Australia, the EY Centre utilises technology to achieve exemplary sustainability. The building has achieved a 6 Star Green Star design rating without the use of bolt-on technologies like tri-generation and black water recycling plants, instead focussing on building performance, tenant amenity and innovation credits within the Green Star rating tool. 

The building’s façade system is highly effective at controlling light and heat radiating from outside, and combined with high levels of air tightness, prevents the loss of conditioned air from within the building. This provides significant energy savings in both heating and cooling the building. The EY Centre utilises a network of sensors which respond to occupancy and environmental conditions to optimise performance; through responsive shading in the façade, to automated lighting and ventilation.


The EY Centre is also one of Australia’s first full LED lit building, which provides energy consumption savings of 25% over T5 fluorescent lighting, and reduces waste to landfill significantly due to the increase life of LED fittings. The building also includes grey water recycling, the latest in energy and water efficient fixtures and over 300 bicycle spaces to promote healthy lifestyles.

A smart tenancy app for Mirvac’s new headquarters at the EY Centre will provide users with a detailed summary of the tenancy’s sustainability performance, and connections to live data on building operation.

Award wins

  • Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards – Best Sustainable Development - Existing Buildings 2020