Cockpit and dashboard of connected vehicle. ; Cockpit and dashboard of connected vehicle. ;

A2M2 Connected Vehicle Corridor, London

A connected vehicle corridor, is this the potential for a Wi-Fi road?

Derived from the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Road Investment Strategy the A2/M2 Connected Vehicle Corridor project aims to create a ‘Wi-Fi road’ which can connect vehicles and infrastructure wirelessly – giving driver’s advanced access to road closures or congestion warnings.

Arup was commissioned by the DfT to recommend the best technical options to pursue in relation to the identification and application of potential dataset sources, and data management systems.

Leading the study

Arup lead one of the feasibility studies for the DfT planned national test site between the Blackwall Tunnel and the Port of Dover, and provided an international review of research and best practice, including vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies, back-office platforms and business models.

Project Summary

250 potential datasets identified

150millioninvestment in a connected corridor

100kmof road

The economic case

We also prepared the economic case for the additional development of an information hub to facilitate the development of connected services, and the final output was a set of high level functional requirements to feed into the detailed design. Arup identified 250 datasets with the potential to deliver smart mobility on the A2/M2 corridor, and completed a benefits assessment of the data management architecture and potential business models.

Planning for the future

The feasibility study recommended a data management model which would support both planned future connected traveller information services and day 1 services (roadwork information, in-vehicle signage, probe vehicle data, and signal phase and timing (SPaT)).