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a6 Wiesloch Rautenberg Weinsberg; a6 Wiesloch Rautenberg Weinsberg;

A6 motorway Wiesloch-Rauenberg-Weinsberg, Baden-Württemberg

International expertise for technical due diligence

The planned six-lane expansion and the operation and maintenance of a total of approx. 47km of the A6 motorway between Wiesloch/Rauenberg and Weinsberg, in Germany, was to be implemented as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the form of an availability model.

As part of the process, we took charge of the technical due diligence for one of the bidders and the banks involved. Our scope included a technical inspection of the status of the section concerned, and the scrutiny of the requirements laid down in the tender documents to ensure compatibility with the bidder’s proposed implementation plan. 

During the project, we deployed an Anglo-German team to help the clients benefit from both our national and our international expertise.