Abacus Stadium seat; Abacus Stadium seat;

Abacus Stadium Seat, Available worldwide

Flexible, quick to install and cost-effective stadium seating

The Abacus Stadium Seat is a balance of performance, style and value. Ergonomics drove the form of the chair, while installation time, stadium capacity and minimal maintenance requirements were key drivers for success.

Arup was confident it could deliver a market-leading chair and offered a work schedule that reduced the manufacturer’s investment risk by proposing a royalty income rather than a pure consultancy fee.

Abacus is available in polypropylene and polyamide, and in standard, VIP and VVIP models, with fire and UV additives as required.

In November 2010 the chair passed the most stringent testing procedure, category four of British Standard EN 12727, enduring 200,000 cycles of a 130kg load. Even before this milestone, Abacus was winning tender packages and being considered for several large stadiums in Europe and America.

High performance, low-cost units 

Unit cost is critical to a successful product. Rather than designing a 'cheap seat', Arup delivered a high-performance product at low cost. This was achieved with a seat design that rotates directly around its beam mounting, reducing the number of components required, assembly time and cost of installation. 

The Abacus Stadium Seat won a 2009 FX International Interior Design award in the ‘public, leisure or workplace furniture’ category. 

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