Render of Addis Ababa project. Credit: Arup.; Render of Addis Ababa project. Credit: Arup.;

Addis Ababa Urban Renewal Initiative, Addis Ababa

A Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in Africa’s fastest growing city

Arup’s initiative has reframed Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the context of a dense and largely informal urban fabric and a unique socio-political and economic landscape. TOD provides opportunities to tackle recognised urban problems, such as congestion, by integrating new development with public transit.

Our approach, which focuses on 11 of the network’s 41 stations, builds on this to present a design-led, responsive strategy for renewal. This will maximise the full regeneration potential of the LRT network to improve the urban condition, support existing communities by connecting social infrastructure, and put forward a future vision for Addis Ababa.

The urban renewal initiative delivers an integrated city strategy, where complex urban challenges at key locations are addressed using a toolkit of three flexible regeneration propositions; comprehensive new development, urban infill and urban improvement. The latter puts forward the case for phased urban surgery to upgrade the city’s Kebele neighbourhoods and informal squatter settlements sensitively, considering social sustainability first and foremost. Exploring more sustainable models for urban regeneration was a key aim for the city.

In demonstrating the transformative potential of the LRT for Addis Ababa, Arup has sought to balance the challenge of rapid urban growth with the needs of existing communities, presenting policy-makers with a number of tools for delivering sustainable urban renewal.