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Air induction unit; Air induction unit;

Air Induction Unit, Hong Kong

Arup-designed bladeless ventilation device

Occupant thermal comfort is a key aspect to consider in designing buildings. In hot and humid weather like Hong Kong and Singapore, air conditioning is widely used in indoor environment but it is not energy efficient in semi-open areas.  Mechanical fans are an alternative to keep people cool, however they often can only provide a localised high-speed air movement and there are “dead spots” with no airflow for cooling.

The Air Induction Unit (AIU) is a patented displacement ventilation device used to provide moving air for comfort, particularly in transient spaces such as metro platforms or semi-outdoor eating areas.


Project Summary

65% less energy consumption

10 times of air movement can be induced

5 industry awards

The device has a minimal and aesthetically pleasing blade-like design, and works using the principle of induction.  When connected to a ventilation system, the blade generates a small jet of air, which in turn entrains a large volume of surrounding air.

See how AIU brings comfort to a semi-outdoor restaurant area.
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Energy efficient design

Up to ten times the amount of air supplied by the ventilation system is induced, resulting in a system significantly more energy efficient than alternatives – up to 65% less energy consumption than a conventional mechanical fan system.  Moreover, air is distributed uniformly and with no “dead spots”, resulting in a more comfortable environment.

Safe and easy to maintain

The use of the AIU results in no moving parts in the occupied space, so it’s safer, simplifies maintenance and cleaning, and minimises noise. AIU is particularly suited to transient spaces such as railway and subway platforms and passages, bus stops, ticket offices and semi-outdoor dining areas, as well as car parks where it can replace conventional jet fans.


Air Induction unit Air Induction unit
AIU has been installed at the Green Atrium in Yuen Long, Hong Kong.

Prototype installation

Prototypes of the AIU concept have been installed at The Green Atrium, a mixed use building in Yuen Long, Hong Kong.  Five perimeter AIUs serve a large semi-outdoor eating area, and initial on-site performance testing has showed excellent air distribution and comfort, and low generated noise.

Air induction unit Air induction unit
AIU was awarded the Grand Award in the Innovation and Creativity category at the Hong Kong Awards for Industries 2015.

While integrating practicability with aesthetic sense to enhance human comfort, the new device reduces energy consumption and noise substantially comparing to conventional industrial fans, and its low operating cost and a short payback period make it stand out against comparable products. ” Judging panel, Hong Kong Awards for Industries

- Judging panel, Hong Kong Awards for Industries




CIC Construction Innovation Award 2017 – Young Innovator Award

Hong Kong Green Building Award 2016 – Building Products & Technologies Category – Grand Award

Hong Kong Awards for Industries 2015 – Innovation and Creativity – Grand Award

HKIE Innovation Awards for Young Members 2015 – Grand Prize under Category I: An Invention

2015 Hong Kong Green Innovation Awards – Merit

Institution of Mechanical Engineers Best Project Award 2015/2016 (HK Branch)

IET Innovation Awards