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Airside centre at Zurich Airport; Airside centre at Zurich Airport;

Airside Center at Zürich Airport, Zürich

Providing structural engineering and building services for Zurich Airport's Airside Centre

As from 2004, the Airside Center is the new passenger hub at Zürich Airport, the largest international airport in Switzerland. Its entrance hall reaches down more than eight metres into the ground-water and extends along the entire length of the Airside Center. Besides functioning as an arrivals and transit hall, it also serves as a platform for the airport train.

We took charge of the structural engineering and the building services for this construction. Some special challenges were posed by the unfavourable subsoil conditions and the heavy loads from the superstructure.

The entire construction features an exterior heat insulation and is built with water resistant concrete. A considerable amount of shoring up was also required, in view of the fact that there was already a baggage tunnel and some supply lines beneath the new building.