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The Amorepacific headquarters; The Amorepacific headquarters;

Amorepacific, Seoul

Sustainability as a driver for innovative building design

Inspired by Amorepacific's mission to create a harmonious existence between people and nature, Arup together with David Chipperfield Architects designed the new headquarters for the South Korean cosmetics group.

Functional as well as effective, the building uses durable and beautiful materials and efficient technologies that need significantly less energy, water and materials than the standard Korean construction practices. Central to the vision was a total design approach, integrating all aspects including the architectural, structural, technical as well as social concepts.

The cubic building is a singular structure, standing out clearly from the neighbouring high-rise blocks. The proportions of the building have been carefully designed around a central atrium to maximise the effectiveness of natural ventilation and daylight on all floors. Three large openings connect this central volume, providing a spectacular view of the Yongsan Park and the mountains in the distance.

Providing a plethora of disciplines from both our London and Berlin offices, we led the structural engineering together with vertical transport, fire, wind and building services, façade and lighting designs.

With a comprehensive sustainability concept, our clients are aiming for LEED Gold Certification in summer 2018.

A façade with natural shading elements

The facade of the building illustrates one of the key components of the holistic sustainable design. Together with the architects, we developed a bespoke skin that integrates shading and ventilation. The vertical fins, designed according to interdisciplinary aspects regarding their geometry and arrangement, optimise shade and natural light and reduce energy consumption.

The central atirum of the building is flooded with natural light The central atirum of the building is flooded with natural light

The unique arrangement of fixed differently sized aluminium fins in front of full-height glass panes reduce the solar gain to the office space.

Resource efficient building services

To reduce the energy consumption of the building, state-of-the-art technologies for solar and geothermal energy as well as an innovative ice storage system were applied. All systems for heating, cooling and ventilation are equipped with energy recovery devices and sub meters, monitoring the building’s energy consumption. The processing of rainwater, treatment of wastewater and water efficiency fittings all combine to reduce water consumption.

The partnership between Arup and David Chipperfield Architects illustrates our approach to ‘Total Design’ and how we embraced the client’s values. ” Eva Hinkers Eva Hinkers Director, Arup Germany

Sustainable luminaire design

A sustainable and modular luminaire design with a globally unique interchangeable optical lens and state-of-the-art LED technology was specially developed for the building. The innovative product line can adapt for versatile future uses, with more than twenty different optical performances. It allows full replacement of parts and easy adjustments to changing project needs.

It is rewarding to work with an enlightened client who wishes to achieve beauty through innovation. A willingness to re-think the rules, encouraged freedom of thought amongst the design team, leading to an original expression in engineered architecture ” Nigel Tonks is a Director of Arup and leads Buildings London Nigel Tonks Director of Arup and leads Buildings London

The new headquarters have a gross floor area of 187,000 m² that accommodate up to 7,000 people. It is destined for mainly commercial uses but also includes public functions such as a museum, conference areas, an auditorium, restaurants and retail facilities.