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Sustainable and modular luminaire design for the new headquarter of Amorepacific.; Sustainable and modular luminaire design for the new headquarter of Amorepacific.;

Luminaire design, Seoul

Developing a modular luminaire design with a globally unique interchangeable optical lens

The new headquarters of Amorepacific, Korea's largest beauty company, is located in the centre of Seoul at a site that has housed the company since 1956. In collaboration with David Chipperfield Architects, we created a sustainable and modular luminaire design to add a shimmer to the new building, which has since been recognised with an IALD award of merit.

Amorepacific operates 28 different brands under one roof, for up to 7,000 occupants, so a high level of flexibility for the current and future use of the space was required. The need for various light atmospheres in the building mirrored its multi-use nature.

We developed a variety of lighting solutions for the building, removing the need to bring together several luminaire types and manufacturers. The bespoke lens product developed for Amorepacific is adaptable for all occasions and allows full replacement of parts, making easy transitions for the changing needs of the building.

Project Summary

12 different light distributions

30possible combinations

100%replaceable components

Multiple lens performances

More than twenty different performances have been specified to achieve the light atmospheres desired in the building. Their globally unique interchangeable optical lenses combine total internal reflection with refraction at their underside. As the luminaires can be modified for any changes in the building use during their lifetime, without compromising the design, the luminaire design implements the principles of circular economy.

We created an innovative optical tool kit that allows the design of a series of different light distributions using the same luminaire body shape in the entire building. The idea of a luminaire product line as a modular system was born. ” Profile of Alexander Rotsch Alexander Rotsch Leader lighting design in Germany & Europe Lighting Skill Leader