Czarna Staszowska and Nida rivers. Credit: Arup.; Czarna Staszowska and Nida rivers. Credit: Arup.;

Analysis of investment programmes in Czarna Staszowska and Nida rivers, Krakow

Comprehensive flood protection programme and investment strategies in Poland

This project created an improved flood protection programme and tangible cost savings to the investment strategy for catchments of the Nida and Czarna Staszowska rivers. It also brought greater protection for the communities of several large cities, the industries and the natural environment.

We carried out an analysis and hydraulic modelling of the existing as well as the historically planned flood protection facilities and we incorporated new tasks related to flood defence. The project included site investigation, surveying, and detailed review of historical documentation, GIS and hydraulic analyses.

We also performed all existing, planned and proposed hydrotechnical structures that will be modelled and we mutually coordinated to achieve best result with the lowest investment costs.

An improved flood protection system

As a result, we improved a new flood protection system that will help to protect inhabitants, industry and natural environment (including the areas of Nature 2000) in the total area of more than 5,200 km2.

The improvement of natural retention in the upstream sections of the investigated rivers will reduce flood impact along them. Our methodology was tested on seven different catchments and accepted by the National Water Authority.