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Arçelik Çayırova Campus, Kocaeli, Tuzla

Infrastructure services to tackle flood problems

Arçelik is a leading company in the home appliance sector in Türkiye. One of its buildings –the Arçelik Çayırova Campus– had been damaged by floods due to the low elevation of its sub-basement and draining problems in its northern side.

Arup was commissioned to provide infrastructural design services to prevent future flooding that would stop manufacturing. This included surveys of the existing buildings to determine drainage needs, investigation of the current roof drainage system, and a redesign of the creek closest to the campus area.  

Preventing coming floods

For flood prevention, Arup carried out hydraulic calculations for the verification of the existing creek section with respect to the rainfall flow rate in 100-year return period. Arup also calculated the verification of the box culvert which is located beneath the D100 Motorway and the entrance of the road at the southern part of the creek.