The Rio 2016 Olympic venues. Photo: Andre Motta; The Rio 2016 Olympic venues. Photo: Andre Motta;

Arenas Cariocas, Rio de Janeiro

Arenas Cariocas includes three sports complexes for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

The Arenas Cariocas are under construction in the Olympic Park of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The Arenas will comprise three sports complexes with approximately 35,000m² of built area and 39,000m² of programmed area, under a metal roof structure supported by concrete foundations.

The largest arena is 16,000 seats and will house basketball, wheelchair basketball, and wheelchair rugby. A 10,000-seat arena will host judo, wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, and Paralympic boccia. The third arena will also hold 10,000 seats and be dedicated to fencing, taekwondo, and Paralympic judo.


Arup’s scope includes the development of the foundations, structure, and roof, as well as providing air conditioning and ventilation, fire and alarm detection systems, and the atmospheric discharge protection systems. We are also providing hydraulics, sewage, and electrical installations. Finally, Arup is conducting the technical review of the project, management and coordination of the project with the client, and sustainability certification and consultancy. 

As part of a larger plan for the entire Olympic Park, Arup is working as a consultant on the implementation of sustainable strategies, aiming to save energy and water, facilitate waste management, use materials with reduced environmental impact, and improve environmental comfort conditions. Arup is also working to control and manage environmental impacts during construction, including erosion, sedimentation, and pollution control, and waste construction and environmental workplace quality management.