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View of Ashgabat closing ceremony at the Olympic stadium. Credit: Ashgabat; View of Ashgabat closing ceremony at the Olympic stadium. Credit: Ashgabat;

Ashgabat Olympic Complex, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

The Ashgabat ‘Olympic Complex’ hosted the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

The unique Ashgabat Olympic Complex in the Central Asia, consists of multipurpose structures and premises suitable for different sporting events. Located close to the Kopet Mountains in Ashgabat city center, this is an excellent location in terms of transportation routes and includes 30 facilities, high-tech infrastructure, comfort and unique aesthetic appearance. All of the premises constructed over the 157 hectare Sports Complex meet all standards for training and competitions in diverse sporting branches including karate, judo, boxing, cycling, tennis, swimming, weightlifting, athletics, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, volleyball and handball.

A multipurpose complex

The complex includes different phases. Phase 1 consists of two arenas, two training halls, a velodrome, an 800 bed hotel, medical centre, business centre, restaurant, open sports field, artificial lake and utility buildings.

Phase 2 includes 5000 spectator capacity indoor athletics arena, 4000 spectator capacity indoor tennis complex, 5000 spectator capacity indoor and open aquatics complex, hotel, athlete’s buildings & cultural centre, lake, utility buildings, car park and roads. 

Project Summary

157hectare Sports Complex


2017Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games took place in this complex

Phase 3, The Olympic Stadium, has been planned over the existing Stadium in the middle of the Ashgabat Olympic Park which was fully demolished and re-designed following the FIFA and IAAF standards. The stadium has 45.000 sellable spectator capacity for IAAF competitions (40.000 sellable spectator capacity for FIFA competitions) on a 100.000m2 closed area including the training halls and facilities and the stadium seats.

The 2017 Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games took place in this complex with a grand opening ceremony which attracted a significant number of athletes and spectators not only from Asia but from around the world, in September 2017.

The Guiness Book of Records registered two facilities in the complex: the horse decorating the stand of the Olympic stadium in Ashgabat is named the largest architectural symbol of the horse on the planet, and the Centre of Water Sports of the Olympic village is the largest indoor swimming pool built using newest technologies and ecologically friendly materials.

The artistic monumental image of the horse, which is the key symbol of Ashgabat Games, has a height of 40.05 meters (131 feet and 4.9 inches) and a length of 37.69 meters (123 feet and 7.9 inches). This magnificent structure concentrates the entire concept of the Games, strive of Turkmenistan to high targets, peace on the planet and friendship between the nations, creative cooperation for universal prosperity and wellbeing, assertion of the health as a main value of life. 

The second certificate was awarded to the Centre of Water Sports of Ashgabat Olympic village, which was entered into the Guinness World Records Book as the biggest indoor swimming pool built based on modern technologies from ecologically friendly materials meeting high requirements of international standards. 


Multidisciplinary services

We provided a wide range of design services, from structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, to landscape – masterplanning, infrastructure and architectural (including furniture, fixture and equipment). We also provided specialist services such as fire, façade and acoustic engineering, lighting design, access, wayfinding and signage, public health engineering waste, vertical transportation, BMS consultancy services, security, parking systems, and logistics for the Olympic Complex in Ashgabat City.