The 2017 Asian Indoor Games will take places in this complex; The 2017 Asian Indoor Games will take places in this complex;

Ashgabat Olympic Complex Velodrome, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

The velodrome has the capacity for 6,000 spectator seats

The Velodrome is a part of the ‘Ashgabat Olympic Complex’ project, a complex designed to host the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Turkmenistan.

The Velodrome will provide Olympic standard indoor track cycling facility for competition purposes including changing, medical treatment, testing and general athletes accommodation, centred around a 250m banked track. As part of this facility, training halls will also be provided together with the national Cycling Federation’s offices, as this building will become the headquarters of the Turkmenistan Cycling Federation.

An open design

During design development, the building has undergone many changes. The lowering of the cycle track relative to the entrance level and the moving the exhibition level to B1 has helped create a much more accessible and open design. When entering the building, a full appreciation of the track and spectator bowl can be seen through the glazed openings, and the majority of spectators can make their way easily to their seats from this level. This has permitted a far more efficient and economically sensitive solution to the existing ground levels on this part of the Olympic Complex.

A large area of this building is dedicated to the Exhibition Hall, with additional spaces for a Sports Success Museum and Sports Shop. A series of light wells are inserted to enjoy higher natural light levels, which has meant the creation of pedestrian bridges into the building.

Multidisciplinary services

We provided structural, mechanical, electrical, infrastructure, architectural services as well as specialist services including fire, facade, acoustic, lighting, waste, wind, way-finding and signage, logistics, ICT and security and specialist sports consultancy services.

The conceptual architectural design and general contracting of the whole complex was done by Polimeks.