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Atrio Towers (Torres Atrio) Colombia; Atrio Towers (Torres Atrio) Colombia;

Atrio, Bogota

How do you rationalise complex geometry into a simple constructible design that is tailored to local construction expertise?

Urban regeneration of any city can be quite spectacular. The identity and social cohesion often magically blends to attract investment, whilst creating a vibrant destination for work, play and living.

ATRIO, a significant mixed-use commercial development comprising Torre Norte (North) and Torre Sur (South), with expansive, open public space at ground level proves no different.

Collaborating with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, we are making a compelling contribution, this time as a new landmark for Centro Internacional, Bogotá. ATRIO will be home to over 250,000m2 of corporate office and commercial space, residential apartments, luxury hotel, public observation deck and retail space. Once completed the towers will be two of the tallest buildings in Colombia. Torre Sur will be the second tallest in South America. With its unprecedented size and innovative design, ATRIO will be the first major step in the further modernization of downtown Bogotá.

Project Summary

250,000m2 Total floor area

58storeyTower South

43storeyTower North

The 10,000 m² of public space, will make up two thirds of the whole site area. ©Alejandro Arango, courtesy of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Following in the footsteps of our tall buildings in Mexico City, Arup’s engineers continue to design some of the most daring and innovative high-rise towers in Latin America, and indeed the world.

Located in the existing high rise district, the project is one of the first skyscraper developments since the 1970s. Collaborating with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Arup worked closely with the client and local contractors to develop a radically different approach to building services design which responds to differing demands of the local market and multinational firms. The result was a large degree of flexibility to accommodate changes in brief and simplify fit-out.

The architectural and engineering design withstands some of the most extreme earthquakes in the world. A perimeter megabrace system, flamboyantly celebrated in orange, works in partnership with the central concrete core to ensure safety and comfort for the occupants during extreme events.

Whilst local construction technique favours the use of concrete over steel, our engineering design realises the efficiency and seismic performance of a steel frame. This design response helps to maximise the use of locally sourced materials and construction expertise. This results in flexible floorplates with enhanced connectivity, generous daylight whilst providing 20x20m column-free office space; unprecedented in the Bogotá commercial market.

The project delivery is in two phases, with construction of ATRIO Tower North having commenced in 2014 and scheduled for completion in late 2019. The topping out of Tower North, where the the final two beams were laid, took place in August 2018.

The 43 storey Tower North ‘topping out’ took place August 2018.

“ATRIO is a place for all where people are encouraged to meet, interact and socialise … we hope ATRIO will change perceptions of architecture and public space in Colombia”

Nayib Neme, President of Grupo, ATRIO lead investor