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Auckland Transport Planning Services, Auckland

Developing an access strategy for Auckland's CBD.

Auckland is the largest city and the major employment centre in New Zealand. The Auckland CBD is the focus of the region for business, employment, tourism and an increasing number of residents.

With inadequate infrastructure to cope with the forecast high growth and limited resources for improvements, Auckland faces significant challenges over the next 40 years. Increasing congestion and sprawling development are constraining the car-dominated city’s growth and development.

Through its continual involvement in shaping the transport environment in central Auckland over the past ten years, Arup has been assisting Auckland City Council to address these challenges.

In 2004 Arup helped the council to develop an access strategy for the Central Area. The strategy aimed to provide a co-ordinated approach to addressing access requirements for people travelling to and within the Central Area, without detracting from the qualities that attract people to the area. Key issues included enhancing public transport, improving facilities for pedestrians and accommodating growth.

The access strategy is aligned to the council’s urban design and sustainability principles and policies and its overall objectives for development in the Central Area and involved an integrated action plan to be implemented over a 20-year period. It sets out the strategic direction for transport and land use projects and investment in the Auckland central business district for passenger transport, pedestrians, cyclists, freight and private vehicles.

Arup is reviewing the access strategy to provide an updated action plan for the next three, five and ten years.