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Awash weldia railway; Awash weldia railway;

Awash-Weldia railway, Awash - Weldia, Ethiopia

Railway engineering services for a 394km railway extension.

Awash-Weldia is a railway extension project stretching 394km, which starts in the North East of the city of Awash, arriving at Weldia via the city of Kombolcha. 

The project is of significant importance as it connects the northern and eastern economic and traffic corridors of Ethiopia. The railway extension will link the railway lines from Mekelle to Hara Gebeya and then Addis to Djibouti, which is the main transport corridor for both passenger and freight traffic, and for the transport of imported and exported goods via Djibouti Port.

Extending the railway will also play an active and significant role in connecting the northern region of the country with the central part.

Scope of work

Turkish contractor Yapı Merkezi was awarded a contract to carry out the design and construction work for this project. Arup worked for Yapi Merkezi carrying out train speed simulation, journey time calculations, line capacity work, energy consumption calculations, and peer review on rolling stock maintenance workshops/depots with advice on the facilities which need to be provided.

The project has a scheme value of US $1.7bn and will be completed in 42 months.