Baglan Bay Gas Pipeline; Baglan Bay Gas Pipeline;

Baglan Bay Pipeline, Port Talbor

Arup designed and engineered this 11.5km gas pipeline

Providing the primary fuel supply to Baglan Bay combined-cycle gas turbine power station, the gas pipeline, designed and engineered by Arup, successfully overcame demanding environmental conditions whilst fulfilling Baglan Operations' criteria.

Baglan Bay power station is designed to run on natural gas from an existing Transco-operated feeder main, a part of the National Transmission System (NTS). Transporting the gas from the feeder to the station, a pipeline stretching 11.5km needed to be installed. Arup provided environmental and geotechnical engineering and specialist consultancy for the project, as well as detailed design of the pipeline, NTS offtake and power station reception facility.

The pipeline runs through a number of sensitive environmental areas. Arup completed a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and carefully monitored its impact throughout construction. By preparing a quantified safety evaluation of the route, Arup ensured safety requirements were met at major road and rail crossings and areas of high population density along the route.

The pipeline reception facility required gas to be compressed to a specific level. Arup designed 4MW of installed compression and pressure regulation equipment, as well as fiscal and allocation metering.

Opened in 2003, Baglan Bay power station was described as the most advanced facility of its kind.