Bangkok SRT Red Line; Bangkok SRT Red Line;

Bangkok SRT Red Line, Bangkok

Engineering for ETCS signalling system

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Red Line, which began operations in 2021, is a vital commuter rail system serving the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, enhancing connectivity between the city centre and suburban areas.

The Red Line is divided into two sections: the 26km North Line with 10 stations that provide easy access to various parts of the region, and the 15km West Line, which has four stations and serves as crucial transportation links for commuters.

As part of Nippon Signal’s team, Arup provided engineering services on the signalling system of the whole line, based on European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 1 technology. Our scope included systems assurance, signalling engineering technical advice and the overall management of the whole testing and commissioning for the line, from factory tests to commissioning.

Project Summary

25 sets of rolling stock

41kmin length


Ensuring safe and reliable operations

The SRT Red Line system is equipped with 25 sets of rolling stock plus retrofit locomotives to enhance the efficiency and capacity of the rail network. Additionally, it uses the ETCS Level 1 signalling system to ensure safe and reliable operations.

To accommodate the growing demand for commuter rail services, the Red Line features dedicated depots for various types of trains, such as long-distance and commuter trains. Each depot is responsible for maintenance, storage, and operational requirements for the respective train types, ensuring the smooth functioning of the rail system.