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Vista aérea de Basauri; Vista aérea de Basauri;

Basauri masterplan, Basauri, Bizkaia

Rejuvenation of industrial land in Bilbao and integration into rail infrastructure.

This ambitious masterplanning project includes the rejuvenation of industrial land in Basauri, Spain, and its integration into rail infrastructure.

The objective of the project, which includes the three main rail operators in Spain (Renfe, FEVE and Esko Tren) and Basauri Town Hall, is to promote local rail infrastructure, generate new jobs and connect the city to its waterfront.

We have been selected as leader of the project team for the study of actions to be developed in Basauri. The design integrates the rail system using underground lines and improves access via public transport to all stations in the municipality.

The comprehensive design also includes active policies for energy saving and the use of renewable energy.

Transforming the city's image

With the objective of transforming the image of the area, the masterplan aims to establish new productive sectors based on innovation, industry and business, and new affordable housing. 

The design includes the extension of existing neighbourhoods, maintaining identity and improving facilities and public open spaces while bringing the population closer to the Nervión and Ibaizábal rivers through green corridors linking the city to the water.

The project included a study of the physical and legal situation of the land affected by the rail realignment and the study of alternatives for its urban organisation.

Arup was also involved in draughting the blueprints for the new rail facilities for FEVE, Esko Tren and Renfe, the 1.5km tunnels, the economic financial study of the project´s viability, and the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy.