The Bentley Hero Light. Photo: Tim Hunt; The Bentley Hero Light. Photo: Tim Hunt;

Bentley Hero Light, Crewe (for pilot project)

Designing the perfect light to showcase Bentley's hero car

What’s the best way to perfectly illuminate a feature car and complement a prestigious but modern luxury brand? This was the question that prestige luxury car maker Bentley and branding agency Futurebrand put to Arup’s product design and lighting team.

The team developed a circular, funnel shaped pendant light at just over 6 meters in diameter. Early in the design process, the decision was made to only use diffused light sources (e.g. no spot lights) which means that the direct reflection of a solid white shape of the light is reflected in the car’s paint finish. This accentuates and models the shape and form of the vehicle, revealing the cars unique character lines that distinguish the finish and form of a Bentley car.

The Hero Light structure consists of a lightweight, aluminium frame with a stretch thermoplastic skin, joined using ultrasonic welding techniques to achieve considered and virtually invisible joins.

Arup’s digital CAD CAM and light modelling tools, along with their expertise in materials and associated manufacturing techniques, allowed the design to develop rapidly without compromising on critical details and quality of light. 

Each element of the Hero Light complements the design of the showroom and ultimately the brand. The attention to detail is beautifully resolved, resulting in a seamless appearance and conveying the all-important sense of luxury.

The Hero Light is currently being piloted at Bentley’s principal showroom, before being rolled out across the rest of their global showrooms.