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BIM Adif, Spain

Innovation and BIM methodology for Adif networks

 Adif has awarded to Arup the development of a methodology for inventory and technical inspections of buildings based on BIM methodology and its application to preventive maintenance and project drafting applied to maintenance buildings on the conventional network as well as metric gauge  and high-speed services.

 The technological infrastructure isnecessary to carry out its  work and to upload the information determined by the processes, procedures and technical instructions to Adif's Information Systems.

Project Summary

4,000 service buildings

12,000kmof railway network

1,800,000trains in operation

Leading-edge technology for the rail network

Arup will work for three years to achieve a complete and harmonised BIM integration throughout the useful life of the assets, where there is a total alignment of information between projects and maintenance processes.

The structuring and archiving of the information obtained in these processes will be carried out in databases with architecture based on this technology. BIM, a methodology that is increasingly integrated in the construction sector and based on collaborative work, makes it possible to create a comprehensive and accessible information system for the infrastructure represented, which makes it possible to manage the assets throughout their life cycle.

BIM Adif BIM Adif

Building a digital twin for the future

The tools developed by Arup should serve as a database for infrastructure elements and as a management platform, generating the necessary reports and warnings that set the guidelines for inspections and maintenance actions.

This project is a significant step in Adif's strategy to build a digital twin of its assets and lay the foundations for their future predictive maintenance. In short, a digital solution that guarantees operators the availability of data in real time, through a single data environment for better management capacity, a higher level of portfolio analysis, cost savings and a design of efficient inspection, maintenance, and refurbishment strategies.

This digitisation process will improve the lifetime of the assets, as well as the quality and service level of the network, making it safer, more reliable and more efficient for passengers. ” Cristina Sanjuan Cristina Sanjuan Cities and Infrastructure Associate | Digital Lead