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Visualization of the topic BIM and employer information requirements; Visualization of the topic BIM and employer information requirements;

BIM Consulting for the B87n, Saxony

First German EIR for highways infrastructure projects

The BIM method was used by DEGES as a project manager for the planning and implementation of German highways transport projects for the new construction and extension of a 13.5 km long, three-lane road section of the trunk road B87n between Eilenburg and Mockrehna near Leipzig.

The company entrusted Arup with the preparation of the tender documents for all BIM-relevant services in the preliminary planning phase with the specification that all BIM planning & design services should be tendered for the first time in Germany as employer's information requirements (EIR).

To define the target parameters, Arup organized a series of professional workshops with DEGES. BIM planning services were subsequently defined in close consultation. In doing so, the client has been able to collect important experience in handling this innovative method and further consolidate the trust in BIM.

The BIM method optimizes planning & design

  • Improved organization, communication and interface coordination through uniform, interdisciplinary, model-orientated processing

  • Higher construction phasing, scheduling and cost security through improved model-based time and cost management

  • Improved risk management through increased transparency in planning

  • Improved design quality through integrated work on the federated 3D model

  • Higher quality of the project information through visualizations from the 3D models