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Binnenhof; Binnenhof;

Binnenhof, The Hague

Coordination and technical advise for the renovation of the Dutch Parliament buildings complex

The parliament buildings complex in the Netherlands, also known as ‘the Binnenhof’ is an eight centuries old monumental complex, which is continuously in full operation. Renovation is necessary to improve safety and the working environment and to preserve national heritage. 

The Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency appointed Arup as coordinating and technical advisor for the renovation of the buildings. In this role we are responsible for the technical aspects of the entire complex, such as energy supply, climate control, ICT and security.

The team works together with two coordinating architects. OMA is responsible for the part of the complex where the House of Representatives is located. Dok Architecten is the coordinating architect for the buildings in which the Senate, the Council of State, the Ministry of General Affairs and the Earl’s Halls are located.


The renovation is necessary to improve fire safety and repair major defects, such as leaking roofs and rotting wood. The team is also looking at a number of areas including technical installations, ITC and security. In addition, improvements will be made to the entrances, kitchens and restaurants. 

The construction activities will start in 2020. It will take 5,5 years to complete at a maximum cost of 475 million Euros.

Binnenhof Binnenhof