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Front view of Biogen European Manufacturing Facility; Front view of Biogen European Manufacturing Facility;

Biogen European Manufacturing, Hillerød

Biogen's first international primary manufacturing facility in Denmark

In May 2001 Biogen decided to build it’s first international primary manufacturing facility at Hillerod, 5km north of Copenhagen to manufacture product using mammalian cell culture techniques. It was developed based on an existing facility in North Carolina.

The project initially comprised the construction of administration, laboratories, large scale manufacturing facility (LSM) and a secondary manufacturing fill/finish facility. The LSM provides 90,000 litres primary reactor capacity with attendant purification trains.

Arup carried out the preliminary design of the LSM structure and electrical engineering, full design of the utility building, plus piping and services coordination for the central building.

The team worked closely together to significantly reduce system sizes and capacities in the energy building in order to cut capital expenditure, saving the client millions of dollars.

Delivering the best design

In late 2001 a core design team was assembled in Biogen’s headquarters in Boston, USA. This core team worked closely together to define the project brief and to prepare the concept design. 

This intense design stage was very constructive, resulting in key decisions relating to building areas, locations, materials and people flows being agreed. 

Following the completion of the concept stage the preliminary and detailed design phases were undertaken in each home team office, with regular co-ordination and team alignment meetings held in London and Copenhagen. 

Although the delivery of this design was from London, the team comprised engineers from Birch & Krogboe as well as Arup to ensure consistency of design approach with other elements and conformity to Danish regulations. 

The integrated team worked effectively together throughout the detailed design stage from spring 2002 to early 2003.