Bristol Temple Meads Station; Bristol Temple Meads Station;

Bristol Temple Meads, Bristol

Land value capture and the power of regeneration

The station potential

The city of Bristol, in the West of England is experiencing a growing population, putting pressure on housing stocks and demonstrating a need for urban regeneration. As is increasingly common in UK cities, the train station, Bristol Temple Meads, has become a focus for these priorities. Temple Meads is in an underdeveloped area, and the Grade 1 listed station designed by Brunel has long needed restoration and redevelopment works. Arup’s Advisory Services team helped shape a £500m, 20-year plan for the area’s revitalisation.

Project Summary

20year forward looking plan

£500mworth of revitalisation

100%increase in train frequencies to London

Shaping the scheme

Working alongside the Homes and Communities Agency, we helped to shape the Bristol Temple Meads Enterprise Zone. This included a land use plan and public/private funding model. We also supported the client with its application for grants from central government under the UK Treasury’s Housing Infrastructure Fund programme. Our team brought together project finance, economic analysis expertise with urban regeneration, transport planning, rail and building engineering capabilities. The delivery strategy that we put together drew on a range of commercial development models that estimated the impact of leveraged private sector finance to boost property tax yields and in turn provide a mechanism to pay back public-sector facilities.

External shot of Bristol Temple Meads station External shot of Bristol Temple Meads station
Arup’s Advisory Services team helped shape a £500m, 20-year plan for the area’s revitalisation.

Forward for Bristol

The enterprise zone project demonstrates the value of taking an integrated approach to real estate development, capturing land value uplift and making sound long-term investments in the station itself. We are now contributing to an integrated masterplan and detailed business case that will bring the scheme to fruition. We believe that once complete, the Temple Meads scheme will provide a lasting legacy of place-making, transport improvements, regeneration and housing delivery for Bristol and its surrounding areas, boosting sustainable growth, competitiveness and employment in the West of England.

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