Power station. Credit: Alexander Popov; Power station. Credit: Alexander Popov;

British Energy Performance Improvement Programme,

Major programme of investment in facilities, equipment and performance

In 2003 Arup was appointed to assess British Energy’s business operations and the condition of its asset infrastructure, to improve performance levels across the fleet.

Arup reviewed the organisational structure and culture, assessed the state of technical assets and developed approved project and programme management systems and processes to enable mobilisation.

This led to Arup taking the role of strategic programme manager for the investment programme over the following four years. The firm had project management professionals based at each of British Energy’s power stations, and a programme management team based in their offices.

Transforming working practices 

A unique feature of the contract was that Arup and British Energy had equal responsibility for delivering the performance improvements. Human performance techniques revolutionised working practices, improved corporate profitability and reduced outages at British Energy stations by over 40%.